NextGen Innovation Technology Event 2020 5G & Healthcare

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*This NextGen event is exclusively for young professionals!

On Thursday, November 12th, the event you’ve been waiting for will take place, online this time. After all the conspiracy theories about 5G we will, together with leading experts, look at the benefits and possibilities of 5G for healthcare.

Four fantastic speakers from around the world will address the topic of 5G & Health and share their vision and knowledge on the topic. And we made it possible for you to (digitally) be there and join in!

The speakers highlight the topic of 5G & Health from different perspectives:

David Doherty, Founder & 5G Entrepreneur
David will take us into the journey of the convergence of mobile and health. What’s the potential of 5G for the 3G Doctor?

Juljana Hysenbelli, Product Lead 5G Healthcare & Wellness Sector @One of the biggest Telco in the EU/World 
Juljana has a deep experience from within a multinational Telco and will describe the impact 5G already has in Healthcare and Well-being.
She will showcase one of the examples of how 5G is used in the medical world. Juljana will tell you her story as a 5G Product Lead from the perspective of the providor.

Fernando Kuipers, Scientific Director Do IoT FieldLab @Technical University Delft
Fernando is doing research on the possibilities of 5G, for example for Remote Surgery. 5G is being used to perform remote surgery from thousands of miles away. This technology could transform the healthcare industry. Fernando will clarify the 5G impact applying the science perspective.

This event is especially organized for all young professionals of our NLdigital member companies. Register on this website to receive login details. You only have to register once to create an account. You need your login information to register for the innovation event. This NLdigital account will also grant you access to our Member Portal. Enjoy your membership and we hope to welcome you and the young professionals within your company at this online event.  

Digital After Party on a tropical island
We will complete the Innovation Event in an innovative way through a digital After Party. We are going to a virtual tropical island! In the virtual world of Borrel it feels like you are together. You can meet people spontaneously, even chat on the beach. During an everyday meeting, for coffee moments and consultation with your team, in the lounge and by the campfire. It is like SecondLife plus the use of your webcam, right in your browser. Curious?




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